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Going to Bali was one of the most incredible journeys of my life. Not only does Bali have the most Instagram worthy views, a great climate to get tan AF, the best food porn ever, and inexpensive everything. But what people don’t know is that Bali is incredibly rich in culture, they have a great sense of community within the locals, and are extremely hospitable to tourists. I am going to give y’all my personal cheat sheet to Bali.

what you dont need to pack 

  • HIGH HEELS – I always pack heels every trip I go on. This is the first trip I didn’t even touch them even think about touching them. You will be doing A LOT of walking! The streets there are very ________ and sis, you for sure will not want to strut your stuff in heels. 
  • HEAVY JACKETS- duh. 
  • SHORT SKIRTS! – You might want to be all cute wearing your short skirt taking pictures but just trust me. You will either be walking or riding a motor bike so a short skirt is not the way to go. 

WHAT TO PACK (this is a long but useful list)

  • SUNSCREEN & TANNING OIL- (its expensive af out there.) The suncreen you can get for less than $10 here will cost you about $25 out there. 
  • INTERNATIONAL ADAPTER- You will most likely be having a few layovers in different countries before you actually arrive to Bali. Always keep one of these on hand so you’re not stuck without the proper charging equipment. 
  • YOGA PANTS- (especially if you’re going to Ubud) – Ubud has a lot of places for meditation and yoga! I was the girl wearing booty shorts in a yoga class lol not a good look. Plus the locals dress very conservative there. 
  • SEMI CASUAL ATTIRE- I made a whole look book of extra ass outfits I planned on wearing there… But honestly a majority of the time I wore comfortable shorts and a cute crop top! No one on the island really cares what you wear and everyone there is just trying to chill, drink, eat and take an occasional Instagram picture. 
  • SUPPORTIVE SWIMSUIT TOP – I seriously cant tell y’all how much money I spent on cute little bikinis but when I actually wore them out in the water I realized that I was pretty much flashing every one and its wasn’t comfortable or cute. 
  • BUG SPRAY & CALMING OINTMENT- If you’re sensitive to bug bites. I got bit so many times it was super uncomfortable for me. I wore bug spray 24/7 and still got bit so I cant what imagine not wearing it all would be like.
  • LIGHT NATURAL MAKE UP- I love being beat to the freakin gods when I go out and especially if I’m doing a photoshoot… But TRUST ME, it is way to hot and humid there to have that much make up on! I did a light foundation, highlighter, blush, nude eye shadow, and nude lips! Of course since I’m extra af I did use false eye lashes. I could have cut my whole makeup bag in half and saved the weight/ room in my bag. 
  • Pack a cute pair of supportive sandals and another pair of sandals that are cute but you don’t care about that much. 

the best things to do 

  • The Yoga Barn- YA’LL I definitely would not consider myself a “yogi, yoga queen, yoga lifestyle chick” or anything having to do with yoga but let me tell you! This place was one of the greatest places Ive been to. Its seriously ike a small communtity of people practicing yoga. They have classes going all day there and like 1000 different rooms and teachers. They have a eastern medicine center that people can go visit! Which i think is super cool because im so into stuff like that. We did a yoga class and then went to eat at their vegan cafe! NOt only was it super cute but the food was delicious. Its like a little oasis away from the world. Definity a must go if your in Ubud. 
  • The famous Bali swing- this photo opp is one that many a people get. The picture always comes out so magical! *remember to bring a long flowy dress if you wanna be extra af* When I went I did seriously like 5 outfit changes! TIP: If you are on your way to Ubud just ask your driver to take you to the Swing and he/ she will know where to go! 
  • The swing on the ocean picture- Honestly its so easy to find a swing on the ocean just make sure you’re looking cute for that photo opp! 
  • This is maybe my most treasured memories… Walk to the beach and eat at a restaurant right on the beach right before 

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