HI EVERYONE! I'm Hana, A 25-year-old trying to get her shit together, live life as authentically as possible while pursuing her dream of becoming a professional dancer, and navigating the pressures of Los Angeles social scene on a budget.

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Welcome to my blog!

What is Sincerely Extra? An all-inclusive brand designed for anyone who feels like they have a calling to do more in life and be who they want to be without the shame of being judged by the outer world. Sincerely Extra is a product of my deepest pain and also my greatest strength combined: not feeling accepted + knowing how to bring people together. Sincerely Extra is a mind set, community ,adjective verb… Whatever you want it to be..

What will you get out of it? I created this blog to start documenting what it’s like to be a 20 something-year-old trying to figure out their shit in life and share it with you. Here we will all go on a voyage together trying things in life. I will give you personal advice, tips, and tricks on whatever I can. I’m an extra ass bitch on a budget, who loves to party, travel, dance, and live freely what some would call; a wild one. 

So… Tell us more about yourself! When I was a senior in high school I always got asked, “So what’s your plan for college?” I would always smile and throw out random party schools that I knew I would like to go to… But deep in the depth of my heart, I knew that there was only one thing that I truly wanted to do- move to Los Angeles and become a professional dancer. I wanted to be in music videos, movies, go to parties in the Hollywood Hills and get away from the small-town mindset. I wanted to move somewhere where I knew that my extra ass personality would be not only welcomed but celebrated. It was my only option and I was going to take it…

 So fast forward to this very moment. Ya… shit hasn’t turn out as I expected… yet. I’m living in LA during a worldwide pandemic drinking a vodka soda, eating popcorn with my dog right next to me, and typing up this blog. Soo… HERE GOES NOTHING!

Whats Your Favorite Quote? One of my favorite movies is The Greatest Showman. There’s a quote in there that had always stood out to me. “They don’t understand, but they will.” All my life I’ve felt a little weird, different, and completely not on the same page as anyone around me. Honestly, it took me until this very second to realize people won’t understand unless you make them understand.

Reasons why this blog is for you

  • If you have ever been called “too much to handle” or “too wild” 
  • If you’re sick of the basic ass blogs where everything is perfect
  • If you feel misunderstood or like a rhinestone in a box of pebbles.
  • If you just want to get great tips/tricks on beauty, lifestyle, travel, partying, and how to be the best dog mommy then this is for you too.
  • If you’re in your pajamas, just ate a whole box of pizza, crying about a loser that dumped you and you want to get your mind off it.

Either way! I can’t wait to start this journey with every single one of you and thank you for reading



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