4 Products That You Need For a Flawless Face

Skin Care Tips

OMFG GUYS. My Asian ass round face is always swollen. I’ve always wanted a chiseled model look- but my face just isn’t the one. Recently I’ve been sooooo into skincare and making sure that my face stays WOKE and I look like a plastic flawless barbie. I 100% do not have the funds to get a shit ton on botox, fillers, and all the things. Although if I had the money best believe this would be another blog. PERIOTTTT. I’m going to tell y’all my secrets to get your face thriving.

TIPS TO GET A SNATCHED FLAWLESS FACE (on a budget, of course!) 

  1. ICE ICE BABY. Ice is going to be your best friend. As we all know ice decreases swelling literally everywhere. It helps soothe acne, constricts pores, boots circulation, and just is amazing. In the morning when I feel like my face is puffy I get a cooled ice mask and put it on my face. 

2. GUA SHA – BITCHHHH. When I tell you that this has seriously changed the shape of my face, I’m not lying. It’s a Chinese tool that is great for the circulation of blood and it helps drain the lymphatic system. I hold a lot of liquid in my face! I put my Gua Shua in the freezer for about 10 minutes before I use it to get it extra frosty. After I take it out, put a hydrating face serum on and massage it in outward motions underneath my eye and under my cheekbones (where we put our make-up contour). I swear it has helped my face less puffy and gives me that natural contoured so I don’t look like a little steamed dumplin’.

3.MICRODERMABRASION FACE ROLLER – This will give you flawless-looking skin. It is a little micro-needle roller that smoothes out your skin AND it doesn’t even hurt. The purpose of this is to help the skin generate more collagen and gets rid of acne scars the appear visibly darker. After I micro-needle I wash my face and sanitize my roller. Then, I put on a Vitamin C serum which helps with preventing sunspots, hyper-pigmentation and helps moisturize. I’m no DR. but I do this maybe twice a week depending on how lazy I am/ if I know I have an event to go to that week. 

4.FACIAL STEAMER– Ok ok okayyy. This is EXTRA AF. But that’s what this blog is about so… This facial steamer is the bomb. I like to add either lavender, peppermint, or lemongrass essential oils to make it smell extra delicious! Facial steaming opens up pores, detoxifies err’ thang in your face, and helps you CHILL THE FUCK OUT. It’s like an at-home spa and it just feels so luxurious. If you’re not looking to spend the extra 50 dollars you can also facial steam with- a clothes steamer held at a safe distance away from your face or just throw some water in a pot and put your face above it! Either way, do it!

5. EXFOLIATE– You have no idea how much this will help your skin! Find a good product that doesn’t irritate your skin and scrub a dub down your face 2 times a week. It’s a game-changer. For real. Also, if you know that your going to be doing your make up this will make a HUGE difference in how the makeup sets on your skin. 

6.MOISTURIZE– We all know to drink a shit ton of water daily right? Because it hydrates us! Same thing goes for your face. Always moisturize. If you have oily skin and your forehead looks like an actual mirroe like mine, I’d suggest the Tatcha Water Cream. Its pricey but 100% takes care of the job. I use this almost every day and especially when I fly! Hydrate your skin and I promise you will see a difference in your skin. 

That’s is for now Wild Ones! Add these things to your skincare routine and oh babyyy you’ll be looking like the snack you are! Speaking of snacks I’m hungry so imma go make a snack… byeeee!

Sincerely Extra,


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